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What is a Community Impact Concierge (CIC) and what can the CIC help me with?

What can a CIC do with me?



CICs are dedicated consultants who create, manage and implement ProAct’s community engagement opportunities alongside our corporate and nonprofit partners - bringing together businesses, nonprofits, and youth. 

Think of ProAct as an outsourced solution to volunteer & employee engagement and volunteer management to maximize your impact in the community.

Our Community Impact Concierges act as an assistant volunteer manager (if you are a nonprofit) or an account manager (if you are a business) to help build the capacity of your organization’s volunteer and employee engagement programs.

Think of ProAct as an outsourced solution to volunteer engagement and volunteer management. CICs can help you:

  • Create, plan, and manage service projects,
  • Manage and administer your profile on our Community Connect volunteer management system,
  • Train volunteers and employees,
  • Connect you to resources in the community,
  • Assist you at service projects to help ensure a smooth process for your volunteers,
  • Create volunteer workflows and SOPs, advise on best practices, keep you up to date on the newest trends in volunteer management, and ensure service-learning principles are implemented effectively in each of your volunteer opportunities.

For more information or to connect with one of our CICs, please email us at volunteer@proactindy.org.