What is ProAct's Four-Way Test?

This article explains ProAct’s unique, efficient way of planning and facilitating all our service projects. If this 'test' is not used, it is not a ProAct project.

Planning a Service Project – ProAct’s Four-Way Test

Before and during the planning of any ProAct service project, ensure that the project concept passes the ProAct Four-Way Test. The project concept must answer “Yes” on at least three (3) of the polar questions below or else the project fails the Four-Way Test.

If the project concept does NOT meet 3 (or four) of the requirements, then plan your project accordingly to pass the Four-Way Test or do not conduct the project at all.

The polar questions we ask ourselves before and during the planning of any ProAct service project are:

  • Does the project engage youth?
  • Does the project directly engage participants with the people (or animals) of the community?
  • Is the project directly or indirectly addressing a social issue?
  • Does the project provide an opportunity for participants to build relationships with a community of people different than the primary demographics of the participants?

After applying the Four-Way Test, we move to implement our Project Planning Formula.

Four Way Test