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What is an example of a corporate partner working with ProAct? What does it look like?

Each corporate partner receives a monthly checklist, so they know what to do from month to month to help facilitate their engagement with ProAct.

With the current corporate focus on servant leadership, service learning, and equity, ProAct has the potential to carve out a niche market that melds the benefits of volunteer programs with learning and development platforms. These two areas are traditionally managed by an HR manager who has high expectations but limited time available to devote to either program. While working across both market segments creates a wider net of perceived competitors, it is also a robust offering that many others may have difficulty competing against.

Therefore, it is imperative that ProAct engages with our corporate partners as consistently as we can to ensure that they are comfortable with their engagement with us. Corporate partners have the potential to move ProAct toward a self-sufficient, sustainable organization and our success here will solidify ProAct as a viable partner in community engagement and set the example for other cities to follow.

Our Community Impact team works closely with a company’s HR Director, Marketing Director, COO, and/or Corporate Social Responsibility committee to ensure that their needs, outlined in our corporate program options, are met and that their targeted number of employees is engaged are met throughout a given year.

For example, let’s take into consideration the following example as a sample case study:

The fictional company, Matrix Consulting LLC, has 150 employees on its payroll. The company is projected to have a great year as it is growing quickly. It is expected to hire more employees and open a new office in the next year or two. Its CEO, Ms. Brenda Johnson, understands the importance of brand recognition and brand loyalty in this critical stage of growth and knows that the trend of corporate social responsibility programs is a great way to attract and retain talent. After all, the company’s competitor, Morpheus Consulting LLC, was consistently engaging in the community and outpacing Matrix year after year. So, she wants the company’s brand amplified in the local community by creating a community engagement program called “Matrix Connects”. Brenda makes room in the budget to create this program and she gives the charge of this program to the company’s HR Director, Jim Lemond, to develop and implement.

Jim, on top of his other responsibilities to recruit new employees and manage the human resources of the company in this growth phase, manages to successfully plan and execute the company’s first annual day of service packing lunches for people who are homeless. Matrix employees love it and want more opportunities to give back throughout the year. However, although a successful outcome, Jim was overwhelmed by the logistics of planning a single day of service for 150 employees, frustrated by local nonprofits who would not call him back, and stressed because leading this initiative took him away from recruiting new talent for the company’s new office. Jim began to recognize that he could not manage multiple company-wide days of service alone and he wondered how Matrix’s competitor, Morpheus Consulting LLC, was so successful in doing these types projects to get their brand out in the community on a monthly basis for its 300 employees.

He decided to pick up the phone to call his counterpart at Morpheus Consulting, Neo Jacobs, to learn how he was able to successfully conduct monthly service opportunities for his employees and still be successful in his role as an HR Director. Neo informed Jim that he outsourced the community engagement programs for Morpheus to ProAct Indy to manage and facilitate and that he was ecstatic by the outcome and staff response because it gave Morpheus diverse opportunities to engage small groups of staff each month for their diverse interests. He also explained that Morpheus can consistently engage with a local school because a few of his employees facilitate ProAct’s youth programs in that school.

“Jim, we have the ability and valuable opportunity to cultivate the next generation of employees and expose them and their families to Morpheus. And those employees are gaining leadership skills. Because of that, we’re able to attract a diverse pool of employees, ensure our current employees are connected to their work, and, the best part, I can focus on my job as an HR Director…

…want me to connect you to our Community Impact Concierge at ProAct?”

After Jim calls ProAct and adopts our model for community engagement, he decides to customize their program for 150 employees by ordering these services from ProAct:

  • Rising Star Leadership Program to support one school.
  • Quarterly Days of Service with a goal to engage all 150 employees by the end of the year.
  • 3 Facilitated diversity and equity workshops to help his staff better understand social issues.

One of our CICs happens to be assigned to Matrix as an account and their job for them will be to use ProAct’s Service Project and Workshop Facilitation Formulas to ensure that the above services are implemented to engage all their employees by the end of the year.

Each corporate partner receives a monthly checklist, so they know what to do from month to month to help facilitate their engagement with ProAct.