What are the weekly tasks/expectations for our Rising Star employees working with you?

Here are some common questions about the Rising Star Leadership Program we receive.

How often do the Rising Stars and CICs meet?

Rising Stars and CICs will meet on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule. This will depend upon schedules, the need, and comfort levels. 

How many hours do Rising Stars serve weekly?

Rising Stars serve 3-5 hours weekly, not including monthly service projects. These hours will vary depending on how many schools the Rising Star will be facilitating in and how often they want to meet with their CIC. 

What are weekly tasks/ expectations?

The weekly tasks and expectations for Rising Stars consist of being prepared for School Workshops by reviewing the curriculum in ProAct University, having an outward mindset, and being ready to learn! It is expected that Rising Stars attend School Programming, Monthly Service Projects, and Meetings with their Community Impact Concierge (CIC).  

What specific expectations are there for service projects? 

The expectation is that the Rising Stars are serving alongside the youth and building the relationship between the youth at the service project. 

Do they help plan them?

CICs plan the service projects, however, if you have a project idea feel free to share it with your CIC! 

What if they aren’t able to attend the project?

Let your CIC know as soon as possible, this way we can call on support to help fill the gap. We understand if something comes up, just communicate!

What can I expect the CIC to do/ help?

The CIC is there to help you grow, advocate, and support you as you are facilitating in-school workshops. CICs will be at the School Workshop with you and help you facilitate the program and will be managing all the service projects for the monthly project.